We wanted to reward our fans by giving away credits for any referrals they send our way. All you have to do to get started is log into your  account and go the Friend Referral page, enter their e-mail address and that’s it! When they make their first order, we will credit your  account as thanks for the referral!
What do I have to do to get referral credits?

Just refer us to your friends, when they make their first order we will give credit your account with the credits.

How much do I get for each referral?

You get AED 30, so with just a few referrals you can start decorating your own place for free!

Are there any terms and conditions?

Yes, basically no funny business. We made this as a legit way to thank those referring their friends, if you abuse the system, we might have to stop the referral system for everyone, so how would you feel with that on your conscience!