Options and Features

Our users love having options and love to have things done their way, so we love to give them the opportunity to have it their way! We believe that every artwork is unique and that’s why we pay extra attention to every order to ensure it is done the way you want it! Below are just some of the canvas & decal options we offer all our customers as part of the Customyze experience.


So many possibilities…

All from one trusted source!


With over 50,000 customization sizes for myCanvas and myDecal, we know you will find the right way to display your artwork and images! We’ve simplified the process as much as possible and offer even more customized options for those who get in touch and require even more customization!


Giving “spitting image” a new definition!

Digital Proofs & Previews

Before we finalize anything for production, we like to give our customyzers the opportunity to view their artwork with a complimentary digital proof and preview. Our digital artistic maestros work their magic to render what your artwork will look like with all the effects and choices you have made!


Calibrated to Perfection.


Need a photo to be fine-tuned before becoming a canvas or decal? Utilizing our FREE myPerfectPic™ option ensures that your images receive a photo-realistic gallery-quality finish that has been optimized for all myCanvas™ and myDecal™ sizes, every time. Customyze.co’s professionally skilled image-technicians work with various variables to optimize your images to myPerfectPic™ standards.

*Not recommended for photos already calibrated the way you want or for digital artworks.


Looking at the same things in a new light.

Effects & Enhancements

We offer various effect and image manipulation enhancement options depending on what you are looking for. Every product has its own set of effects which are tried and tested for their medium.

See some sample effects!

4Edge Options

Customize your canvas' edges to suit your artwork's needs. Every image is unique so why not treat their edges the same way! Choose from a variety of edge options and pick what works best. Everyone has their own preference on how they want their canvas to be wrapped and what edge to use, so we like giving you the freedom to customize anyway you want it!

5Multi-Panel Splits

Transform one image into multiple panels. Ideal choice for large spaces and for images that demand attention! Don't worry about setting up the image, we'll handle it all for you, just choose the type you want and we'll do the rest!

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.35.42 PM

Re-Mo™ & Re-Po™

You can choose either Re-Mo™ or Re-Po™ when creating myDecal™. Re-Mo™ is ideal for more intricate patterns with transparent material. Whereas Re-Po™ can be repositioned many times, great for changing things up every once in a while!



Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.35.48 PM

Precision Cutting

All myDecal are intricately cut with state-of-the-art machinery (and at times, for those too complex for robots things... manually!) No matter what we do, you end up with a truly remarkable decal! We really care about how the decal looks on your walls, so we take that extra care and effort to get it just right


Additional Customyze.co Features:

UV Protected Products

All our products are UV Protected to ensure long lasting durability.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Get in touch with us at any time if you need  any help with anything!

Ready To Display

Ready-to-Hang & Ready-to-Apply, have your artwork on your wall within minutes!

Quick Turnaround

We work 6 days a week to respond to your orders as soon as possible.

Wall Safety

All our products have been tested and inspected so that they are safe for your walls!

High Resolution

Art gallery grade prints that lead to richer and more detailed imagery.

Worldwide Delivery

We ship worldwide and offer multiple shipping options for your convenience.

Eco Friendly

We utilize the latest eco-friendly latex-ink tech which don't emit toxic fumes or ozone.